(Re)Positioning Art Music in Contemporary Traditional and Digital Mass Media/Radio Context

  • Мarija М. Karan Универзитет уметности у Београду, Факултет музичке уметности
Keywords: mass media, radio, digital, internet, global netweork, art music, music editing, mass media culture, audience


This paper discusses, actualizes and problematizes the representation and treatment of art music in the context of contemporary mass media radio discourse, in its traditional and digital/internet formats. The thesis is that understanding the content of high culture and art music is key to the social and cultural progress of the audience, and that it implies the clear views of the creator of the work of art music, on the one hand, and the experience of the recipient - that is, the audience, on the other hand. In this context, traditional and digital mass media must continue to act as the main transmitters/mediators of musical creation. Through the prism of art music on the radio, the types and ways of operation of contemporary (meta) mass media are detected, as well as the effect of the reception of elements of mass/media culture on the audience. The critical-analytical-interpretive method interprets the phenomenon of artistic music on the radio and contributes to the research of the impact on the audience with music as a key parameter of mass media discourse.

Author Biography

Мarija М. Karan, Универзитет уметности у Београду, Факултет музичке уметности

Maria M. Karan, Ph.D., has been treading her professional path in the field of mass media and media theory since 2000. Since 2019, she has been a part-time lecturer at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade and an associate lecturer at the interdisciplinary master's studies in Theory of Art and Media at the University of Arts in Belgrade. She continuously participates in international and domestic conferences and symposia and publishes papers in the field of media theory. She has worked as a music supervisor on film and television projects, as an author, journalist, editor and music director of commercial radio stations, assistant director and program editor and organiser at Jeunesses Musicales Belgrade, music and media consultant. She is a permanent associate of the music internet portal Headliner.rs.