The Joy of Discovery. An Interview with Anica Sabo

Keywords: Anica Sabo, contemporary music, music theory



Author Biography

Ivana Vuksanović, University of Arts in Belgrade, Faculty of Music, Department of Music Theory

Ivana Vuksanović is Assistant Professor at the Department of Music Theory at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade. She obtained her bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees from the Department of Musicology at the same faculty. She has published two books: Aspects and Designations of Elements of Trivial Genres in 20th-century Serbian Music (Belgrade, FMU, 2006) and Humor in 20th-century Serbian Music (Belgrade, FMU, 2016). Her research fields include history of music theory, issues in musical form and the analyses of Serbian contemporary music. She is the author of numerous articles in journals and thematic collections and co-editor of several publications. She has been a member of the Musicological Society of Serbia and the Serbian Society for Music Theory.