A Sound Tale about the Symbolic Conflict between two Human Beings

Meanings and Soundings of Language in “Veliki Kamen”, a Radiophonic Poem by Ivana Stefanović

  • Marija Torbica
Keywords: radiophony, language, speech, voice, Ivana Stefanović


The subject of this paper is an exploration of the treatment, status, and use of language – more precisely, its meaning/sounding/sound, in the context of Veliki kamen (Велики камен, A Large Stone, 2017, Op. 55), a radiophonic poem by the composer, radiophonic artist, and author Ivana Stefanović (Ивана Стефановић, b. 1948). A Large Stone is a partial setting of Hasanaginica (Хасанагиница, 1974), a play by Ljubomir Simović (Љубомир Симовић), itself inspired by motives from the eponymous folk ballad. Researching this paper, I set out from a view of language as a means of communication and system based on sounds and sounding, predicated on auditivity. Language/the sound of language and radiophony/ radiophonic sound are brought together by the notion of meaning and sounding and it is precisely these parameters that I attempted to survey in A Large Stone.

Author Biography

Marija Torbica

Graduated at the Department of Comparative Literature, at the Faculty of Philosophy in Novi Sad. After completing master studies in Novi Sad, she enrolled in the master’s program at the University of Arts in Belgrade, at the Department of Interdisciplinary Studies – Theory of Arts and Media, completing her studies in October 2018. The focus of her research is the relationship between literature and music, as well as the research of radiophonic art from the literary-theoretical angle.