Pattern, Form and Silence in “Amalgamations”, an Extended Duration Work

  • Sophie Stone Canterbury Christ Church University
Keywords: duration, silence, performance, form, pattern, Cage, Beuger, Feldman, Ingold


The article examines Sophie Stone’s composition Amalgamations (2016), an extended duration work for solo organ. Pattern is explored in the form of both the notation and performance of the piece. The notation comprises verbal and graphic notation, with many possible combinations of instructions resulting in sustained sounds and silence. Amalgamations is non-linear and non-teleological. Tim Ingold’s notion of ‘wayfaring’ provides a way of understanding how a performer may negotiate the notation. Due to the improvisatory and aleatoric elements of the piece, each performance will be different. Numerous types of silences will result from performances of Amalgamations and the experience of these silences are different and are determined by the sounds surrounding them.

Author Biography

Sophie Stone, Canterbury Christ Church University

S. Stone is a composer of experimental music and is currently studying for a practice research PhD at Canterbury Christ Church University with Dr Lauren Redhead and Prof. Matt Wright. Her research explores extended duration music and the performance situations, compositional strategies and the uses and types of silence that surround it. Sophie’s recent projects include a solo organ work titled Amalgamations (2016), As Sure as Time… (2016–?), an ongoing series for spoken voices, and Continuum (2017–2018), an electroacoustic 90-minute immersive installation.