Creative Cognition in Composing Music

  • Blanka Bogunović University of Arts in Belgrade, Faculty of Music
Keywords: cognition, creativity, composition, creative process, creative act, creative cognition, interdisciplinarity, theoretical models of creativity, generative process


We present an overview of theoretical and empirical research in a domain of cognitive psychology of music, psychology of creativity and interdisciplinary studies concerning the creative cognitive processes in composing music. The wide scope
of knowledge, within a time span of some 35 years, is introduced covering the following themes – generative models of creative cognition, metacognitive strategies in composing, the relation between creativity, knowledge and novelty, creativity in the social-economical context. Further on, models and concepts, new research methodologies and results that were developed specifically in a domain of music creation, will be presented. The intention is to introduce and bring into connection relevant psychological and interdisciplinary knowledge about creative cognition processes in composing contemporary art music and raising questions about further research.

Author Biography

Blanka Bogunović, University of Arts in Belgrade, Faculty of Music

Ph.D. in Psychology and B.A. in Music Performance (Flute), Senior Research Associate, Full Professor of Psychology, Psychology of Music and Education Science at the Faculty of Music, University of Arts in Belgrade; Scientific Collaborator at the Institute of Psychology, University of Belgrade; Guest Professor at the Psychology Department, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade, University of Kragujevac and University of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Hercegovina.